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As a survivor of sexual abuse, Adaryll Moore's work focuses on all forms of mental health and the struggle of being a queer, gender non-conforming person. 

Adaryll's fifth published book will be out October 1st - I Bring the Glitter Everywhere. Adaryll is originally from the New Jersey and is a graduate of Grambling State University with a BS and MS degree. 


 I Bring  The Glitter Everywhere 



Book Release

My Mission Statement

Authenticity is your answer and key to unlocking your true winning power to be that champion in your mental health new normal and sexual abuse victim to victor mentality and lifestyle. 

“Who Am I?”
Who am I? 
I bet some of you do want to know.
Who am I?
I use to wonder myself.
I am that I am all that God created me to be,
And no matter what you may say,
You can never take that away.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the awesome Creator,
No matter how many times the mirror and you try to put me on that emotional elevator.
I am that I am all that God created me to be,
Even when you choose not to see.
You see life is all about choices
And it’s time to choose to be,
Instead of passing by like some old mystery.
Who am I?
I am that I am what God made me to be,
No more settling for some old fantasy.
I am one with purpose and vision,
No more living through that old television,
That has built that mental prison, which has held me
Back from my life’s mission.
Today I choose to be all that God intended for me to be,
Because I am that I am what He created me to be.
So you ask, Who am I?
I am that I am all that God created me to be.
Adaryll Moore
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